assign responsibility for build failure via publish email?

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assign responsibility for build failure via publish email?

Peter Resseguie
I need to implement "assign responsibility" functionality into our build
system. We have already created notifications for failures which will link
back to the workflow.

Users will get emails detailing errors, checkins, and a link back to the
failed workflow. They can then go to the workflow in question in order to
view logs and determine the cause.

What I need is for an end user to be able to look at the build error,
determine who can fix it, and assign that person responsibility.

My thoughts on how to implement this were to create another non-originating
workflow that could be called via "run secondary process" on the failed

This secondary process would then have a list of all AHP users where
someone could select a name and then email users something along the lines
of "person x has assinged responsibility for build failure y to person z".
This email would go to all AHP users.

Basically that list of all users is just used to pick a user name to go
into the body of an email.

This was the only idea for this functionality I have come up with as there
doesn't seem to be anything build into AHPs UI to support this.

I'm struggling with the implementation. I was thinking I could utilize a
single job in the non-originating flow that was a "publish email" job.

I can't figure out how to script a property for all AHP users, though. I
envision it to be a select property that is dynamically generated at
runtime and populates itself to allow the the user the ability to
select anothjer user they wish to assign blame to.

1 - Could anyone help me with the beanshell that could be used to take all
AHP users and assign them to a select property dynamically so another user
could select who to blame from a list?

2 - Also, say you get your list of users, I would then want them to be able
to pick one, and it then will email all with a simple statement. What is
the beanshell I would need to put in the "publish email" recipient list in
order to get it to email all users? Recipient Generator probably?
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