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Sample maven Build job

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Hi Team,

I am doing build job through maven in anthil pro. I am not able to configure as proper and i tried many times but i am getting below error. Can any one guide to me how to configure sample maven job.

Below the error

ERROR - [com.urbancode.command.CommandResultException] Command post-processing script identified a command failure: ExitCode 1 was not in {0}

at java_lang_ProcessBuilder$ Source)
        at com.urbancode.anthill3.CommandHelper.runCommand(CommandHelper.groovy:131)
        at com.urbancode.anthill3.CommandHelper$runCommand$0.callCurrent(Unknown Source)
        at com.urbancode.anthill3.CommandHelper.runCommand(CommandHelper.groovy:112)
        at com.urbancode.anthill3.CommandHelper$ Source)
Caused by: error=2, No such file or directory
        ... 6 more
command exit code: 1