Parallel jobs in 3.8.7

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Parallel jobs in 3.8.7

Ryan Feiock
I just upgraded from 3.8.0 to 3.8.7 and have found the logic for running jobs in parallel has changed.  There are a few posts on here from older versions of AHP, but the way AHP handles locking has changed in 3.8+, so I wanted to start a new thread.  

Prior to the upgrade, if I wanted to run the same task multiple times on the same agent and in the same working directory, it was possible by setting the "Lock for Workflow" setting to Yes, setting up the iteration, and specifying Run Parallel=Yes and Max in Parallel to -1 (no limit).  An example of when I run this is when I want to rollback all of my databases to the last snapshot, which is just a simple command line call:

Working Dir = C:\FOO
Command: osql -S AwesomeDBServer -d master -U userName -P password -b -n -w 10000 -Q "Restore Database ${property:DB_NAME} from Database_Snapshot = 'SNAP_${property:DB_NAME}'

After upgrading, this build will result in a ton of locks and need to be aborted.  This wiki article was created to discuss this change:

But I have tried all of the suggestions in the Wiki such as creating unique working directories are using the "Lock Hack" and no matter what, my iterative job always locks.  Has anyone else encountered this, and were you able to get it working?  It is a huge time saver as I don't want to restore these 14 DBs in a serial process, not to mention all the other jobs I run in parallel to make builds/deployments as fast as possible.