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I have a question that has a cumbersome issue....

(1)   I have created multiple Environment Agents, each one is comprise of 5 environment agnets (each agent = to my WebSphere Deployment Server that has anthill agent running)....
(2)  I created a work flow that will kick off a script on each of the DMGR that has can perform any of the three options based on the dropdown:
      (a)  start      (b) stop     or  (c) list
(3) The workflow has a drop down that allows you to pick one of the Environment that I created (step #1 above).
(4) Finally the last option available in the workflow drop down allows for what WebSphere cell:
      (a)  portal     (b) NT   (c) RS   or   (d) ALL

When I select the "ALL" option the script runs in parrallel against all the DMGR's that I selected from (#1) and works fine.   Now comes the delima....

I would like to have the workflow not run against all my agents when I select a specific CELL (#4).  I would like the workflow to run on a specific agent based on the requirements of (#4) and (#1).  So basically, if I select UAT (from #1 above) and I select PORTAL (from #4 above) that the workflow would execute the script on the UAT Portal Deployment manager ONLY and not excute on the other agents that are defined within that Environment Agent name.  Was told maybe Agent Filter might help, but I have no idea on how to go about that or if there is a more friendlier interface.  Any suggestions ??