How to create event script based on stamp value

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How to create event script based on stamp value

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I was trying to create an event script that will trigger the dependency build only and only when I run the secondary workflow that stamp a build with new stamp.
Lets say that I have the originating build in child project that create the Artifacts and run some test, then I decided that one specific build is good enough for another team to pick it up for staging environment, so I run the secondary workflow to stamp that build with a second stamp style (stage), and trigger the parent build. I configured the parent properly to pick up only builds that are stamped (stage), but my problem now is when I used the default trigger script it start the parent build whenever the child complete its build.

I want to avoid using script as part of the secondary workflow to start the parent build when we did the stamping.

I tried to create a new Event Script to trigger the event based on stamping, unfortunately I was note able to manipulate correctly the Criterias. This the latest snippet I did, I appreciate any ideas from you:

result = new Criteria[]{
                new FieldMemberOfCriteria("stamp",
                new FieldEqualsCriteria("stampStyle", "DEV_STAGE")

Thank you