Fetching sources from ClearCase, local compilation and build avoidance

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Fetching sources from ClearCase, local compilation and build avoidance


We have a product with expensive node-locked license, so we can install this product on the limited number of agents only.
The compilation time becomes a critical issue, since only agent with license could make a compilation, while there are much more build requests.
We use ClearCase UCM. But each compilation request uses different stream/view.

So we must configure the flow to rely on property that stores the view name - there are hundreds of ClearCase views.... (See below. Is that works?)

View Directory: \\my-nas-device\user_views\${p:user}\${p:CURRENT_VIEW_NAME}<file:///\\my-nas-device\user_views\$%7bp:user%7d\$%7bp:CURRENT_VIEW_NAME%7d>

Since compilation in dynamic view takes too much time comparing to the local disk, we need to copy sources to the local disk before performing compilation.
After compilation finished we want to publish build results back.
We have a lot of sources, but they are changed rarely, thus we want be able to reuse build artifacts across different build lives and avoid unnecessary rebuilds


1.      What are AnthillPro built-in features could help to accomplish task above?

2.      Should we use "Retrieve Artifacts" steps to copy sources to the local disk or there are any other built-in steps? Or maybe we need manually (xcopy ? :)) copy sources to the local disk?

3.      How to share already build artifacts across build lives? Different ClearCase views could have same sources -> thus we want to avoid unnecessary build and save CPU time of dedicated agents.

Thanks in advance,

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