CodeStation Dependency.xml queries

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CodeStation Dependency.xml queries

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I have created bild folder with 3 file

I have query about dependency.xml file

My project reqiuired only 4 jar files from Spring ( codestation). Currently under spring codestation having around 200 jars.
When i define dependecy.xml as below, it downloading all jar into my libarery folder, Could you please let me know to how to skip other jar files

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<project xmlns=""
        name="so_ebs_mobile_device_detection" workflow="autobuild v1.0">
                        <cs-project name="Spring" />
                        <criteria stamp="4.0.5" />
                        <delivery artifact-set="base artifacts" transitive="false" >
                        <cs-project name="javax_servlet_api" />
                        <criteria stamp="2.4" />
                        <delivery artifact-set="base artifacts" transitive="true">